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It is a very, very interesting pair of Ibeji because, based on the photos sent, I think it was carved by the famous carver BAMGBOSE. He had his workshop in Osi Ilorin (Ekiti), where he worked between the late 1800 and early 1900, until he died in 1920. Among the young carvers trained by Bamgbose we find the famous Areogun, who was his scholar for 20 years. The few artworks still existing are located in the most famous museums around the world. Among these carvings are included the majestic masks “Epa headdress”, where we find the central figure of the mother, seated, surrounded by several pair of twins. The Ibeji from Bamgbose are extremely rare and your pair is the second one I had the chance to see. Regarding the price paid, you did very well, because I believe the value of the pair is at least 15,000 euro. I think it will be very important to obtain an expertise from an Ibeji expert, in order to be absolutely sure of what I said based upon a few photos.

                                Fausto Polo


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Francoise from France bought this pair of Ibeji in an African Art gallery, paid 5,000 euro and he would like to know the provenance and the value.