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Gold Certificate

The Gold Certificate is the most complete expertise and includes, in addition to the information contained in the Silver Certificate, a qualitative evaluation of the Ibeji, based upon the carving and patina characteristics and other positive or negative elements.

It quantifies indirectly the actual market value of your Ibeji  according to the evaluation method created by Fausto Polo and described in full details  in his new book, “The Encyclopedia of the Ibeji”.

The Gold Certificate contains the following information:

- The photo of the Ibeji

- The height

- The place of origin

- The degree of rarity

- The carver or workshop, if known

- The “Catalogue of the Ibeji” or “ Encyclopedia of the    Ibeji” file number

- The evaluation of the quality of the carving  

- The evaluation of the quality of the patina

- Other important positive and negative elements

It is possible to see an example of this expertise clicking on the images on this page.

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