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By Fausto Polo

Hardcover binding

12½  x  9½  x 2 inches

660 coated paper pages

510  full-page Ibeji singles or pairs plates in color

19  full-page plates with Ibeji details photos

17 full-page maps in color

Sale price: 170 US dollars

Published & distributed by Ibeji Art

Available in English, French, German, or Italian


Table of Contents

EGBADO TRIBE towns map

The Encyclopedia of the Ibeji, by Fausto Polo, is a new book, with contents and photos completely different from the Catalogue of the Ibeji.

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ORNAMENTS DETAILS Encyclopedia of the Ibeji, by Fausto Polo, published October 2008 by Ibeji Art
EFFON-ALAYE, Catalogue of the Ibeji n. 510, Carver Abgonbiofe

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