Ibeji Art provides expertizing, books, Encyclopedia and Catalogue of the Ibeji by Fausto Polo, ask the expert and much more.

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You would not buy these gems without a reliable  expertise...

Why would you then buy these Ibeji without an expertise ?

An expertize guarantees the authenticity of your Ibeji.

An expertise gives you important information on the qualitative level and consequently on the market value of the Ibeji you bought or you are about to buy.

An expertise increases the value of your Ibeji and it helps significantly at the time of selling.

An expertise facilitates the claim with the insurance company in the unfortunate case you are the victim of a theft.

Ibeji Art provides you different types of expertize.

- Silver Certificate

- Gold Certificate

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The expertizes from Ibeji Art are  provided by Fausto Polo, author of the “Catalogue of the Ibeji” and of “Encyclopedia of the Ibeji”.

Today Mr. Polo is one of the most recognized experts in the world of Yoruba art, particularly Ibeji art.

All the expertized Ibeji will be inserted free of charge in the web-site Ibeji Archive, containing the photos of all the Ibeji expertized by Fausto Polo since 2001.


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