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This is a very old Ibeji, in my opinion from the middle of the 1800,  carved by Adewoyin Fakeye, founder of the famous descent of the Fakeye carvers and father of the great carver Bogunjooko. Adewoyin was the first carver who opened a workshop in Ila Orangun, in the Igbomina region.

Some of his artwork is presently exhibited in the National Museum of Lagos. The Ibeji by Adewoyin Fakeye still existing today are extremely rare. In fact, this is the second one I ever saw from this carver.

With regard to the price paid by our friend collector, I think he made a very good deal because I believe the value of this Ibeji is ten thousand dollars. I think many Ibeji collectors would be very happy to add this rare and old Ibeji to their collection.



                               Fausto Polo






oyo imitation

George from US just bought this Ibeji in an African Art gallery, paying about USD 2,000. He would like to know the provenance and if the price paid is correct.