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This important collection of Ibeji was created by an Italian collector starting in 1970, for a duration of 20 years, while he lived and worked  in Nigeria and other neighboring countries.

The collection consist of 35 Ibeji, originated from different villages of the Yoruba territory. The desire of the current owner to sell all the Ibeji together, avoiding to disperse the collection, has reduced significantly the achievable selling price.

In reality, adding the estimate of each Ibeji, the total value of the collection is over USD 75,000. It is offered at less than half of the estimated value, an extremely attractive price.

All the Ibeji of the collection were examined by the recognized expert Fausto Polo, who verified their authenticity and, for each of them, indicated the village of origin, the tribe, the height and, if known, the carver.

The Ibeji with a known carver are very rare.

In this collection three Ibeji have the signature of the carver, positioned in the bottom of the base and sculpted by each carver with his personal logo.

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