Conditions for buying and selling the Ibeji

Initial contacts to sell the Ibeji

The owner of one or more Ibeji has to send to Ibeji Art at least four photos of each single or each pair of Ibeji, by email or regular mail.
The four photos have to show the front, back and both sides.  After receiving the photos, Ibeji Art will inform the owner about the possibility of selling them in the Ibeji Art Sales and will send a preliminary estimate of their value.
Ibeji with a sale price lower than USD 1,000 will not be accepted.
The value and the corresponding sale price will be finalized only after a direct examination of the Ibeji and the proof of authenticity and tribal use.
In case it is desired to sell an entire collection, initially it is enough to send a few photos of groups of Ibeji and of the most valuable pieces of the collection. Ibeji Art will then make personal arrangements with the owner to examine directly the collection. The owner of Ibeji Art will gladly travel everywhere in USA to examine important collections.

Acceptance of the Ibeji and determination of the final sale price

The owner, after receiving the estimate of the value, should send the Ibeji to Ibeji Art, either to the address in United States or Italy.  Ibeji Art is responsible for the objects only after they are delivered by the courier.
After receiving the Ibeji, they will be examined by Fausto Polo, who, if they are genuine and tribally used, will issue an Expertise, using the method described in his last book, the Encyclopedia of the Ibeji.
At this point Ibeji Art will communicate to the owner the final sale price,
equal to 80% of the value appraised by Polo.
If the owner is in agreement with this sale price and with the terms and conditions included in this document, has to send to Ibeji Art the form “
Sale Authorization”, filled out and signed. The form can be easily downloaded and printed, clicking on the pertinent field on this page.
If the owner is not in agreement with the final sale price, if the sale price is lower than USD 1,000, or if the Ibeji were not expertised by Polo, they will be carefully packaged and shipped back. 
The possible shipping methods are described in the paragraph “Shipping of the Ibeji”.  
Download the form “Sale Authorization

Listing the Ibeji on the web-site

No later than 30 days after receiving the “Sale Authorization” form, Ibeji Art will list the Ibeji on, dedicating one page to each single or pair of Ibeji.
In the web-page are inserted 
five photos of the Ibeji, taken by the photographer of Ibeji Art, and any other photo or additional element which could provide more details about the lot. Among the additional elements, it is particularly important the Expertise of the Ibeji by Fausto Polo, placed in the web-page of the lot.
Ibeji Art will immediately notify the owner when the Ibeji are listed in the web-site.
The Ibeji will be listed until sold or for a maximum period of 4 weeks.

Buying the Ibeji 

In order to buy a lot, the buyer has to click BUY NOW on the web page where the lot is listed, fill in the information requested in the next page and confirm the purchase clicking  SUBMIT. Within 24 hours, the lot will be marked on the web-site with SALE PENDING. 

Payment by the buyer of the Ibeji

When Ibeji Art receives the order, an invoice is sent by email to the buyer.
The total on the invoice is the sum of the purchase price,
a commission of 10% of the purchase price and a flat fee for shipping charges of USD 40 within the United States and USD 70 to foreign destinations. The shipping charges are added only if the buyer instructed Ibeji Art to manage the shipment.  The applicable 6% sales tax will be also added to the invoice if the buyer is a resident of the State of Pennsylvania.
The invoice must be paid within five days, in USD or euro. Accepted methods of payment are bank wire transfers, credit card, check, and PayPal.
A receipt of the payment has to be sent to Ibeji Art if the payment is done by bank wire transfer. 
The necessary data for the payment can be seen in the page “
Bank Data” of this web-site.
An additional charge of 4% of the total amount to be paid will be added to the invoice if the payment is made by credit card or PayPal, in order to cover the commissions and fees associated with this type of payment.

Shipping of the Ibeji

The shipping of the lot can be managed directly by the buyer, using a courier of his choice, or the buyer can ask to Ibeji Art to manage the shipment. 
If the buyer manages the shipment, Ibeji Art packages carefully the lot, at no additional cost, and the courier has to pick up the box with the lot. In this case, the responsibility of Ibeji Art for the lot ends when it is consigned to the courier.
If the buyer asks to Ibeji Art to ship the lot, FedEx, UPS or USPS will be used, at Ibeji Art discretion.  The lots are covered by Ibeji Art insurance.  In a few cases of international shipment, the buyer may be asked to fill in and send to Ibeji Art additional required forms.  
The buyer will be always responsible to pay any applicable custom and import duty and obtain, if necessary, an export or import permit.
All the above shipping conditions, including the USD 40 or USD 70 shipping charges, are also valid in case of return of unsold Ibeji or Ibeji not listed in Ibeji Art sales because not genuine or tribally used.

Payment to the owner of the Ibeji 

When the transaction is finalized and the payment of the invoice is received, Ibeji Art will send to the owner of the lot a letter of credit.
The letter of credit contains the amount Ibeji Art will pay to the owner of the lot within twenty days, by check or bank wire transfer. This amount is the sale price less
a commission of 10% of the sale price.

Unsold lots

No commission will be charged for unsold lots. The owner will only pay the shipping cost for the return of the Ibeji. The shipping methods are described in the paragraph “Shipping of the Ibeji”.
Unsold lots may be offered again in the  Ibeji Art Sales only after one year from the end of the sale of the unsold lot.


The Ibeji placed in Ibeji Art sales have an unconditional guarantee of authenticity because they are accompanied by the Expertise of Fausto Polo, one of the most recognized experts of this sector.
Like all 
the wood objects, the Ibeji can have breakages, cracks, and signs of use, due to the tribal use and to their age. The Ibeji listed in Ibeji Art sales are always photographed from every side; therefore these breakages, cracks or wear signs can be clearly seen and evaluated by the buyer before buying or placing an offer for the lot.
Request for additional information, either technical or photographic, are always welcomed
and can be sent by email to Ibeji Art, who will send a fast and complete response.
In addition, Ibeji Art offers the possibility to the buyer to return the lot if not satisfied.
In this case the buyer has to return the lot within seven days from the receiving, addressed to the same Ibeji Art address utilized for the shipping of the lot, and communicating his intentions in advance to Ibeji art, by email.
The shipping cost will be paid by the buyer of the lot and the same packaging and courier utilized by Ibeji Art has to be used again.
After receiving the lot and verifying it is in the same conditions as it was shipped, Ibeji Art will refund the buyer of the lot, deducting a fixed fee of USD 100 to partially cover administrative costs,  4% fee if the lot was paid by credit card or PayPal, and any custom duty and fee paid by Ibeji Art.

Expertise of the Ibeji

The buyer of each lot will receive, free of charge, Polo  Expertise of the Ibeji purchased.
Each time an Expertise is made, a photo of the corresponding Ibeji will be listed in the site  In this site are published all the Ibeji certified by Polo with an Expertise since 2001.

Acceptance of “Buying and selling conditions of the Ibeji”

The participation to the Ibeji Art sales and the consignment of Ibeji to Ibeji Art imply the integral acceptance of all the terms and conditions included in this web-page.
Only the English text is legally binding, the translations in other languages are written only to facilitate the understanding by the buyers and sellers.
These “Conditions of buying and selling of the Ibeji” shall be governed and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. By placing an order or consigning the Ibeji, the purchaser shall be deemed to have consented to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state courts of, and the federal courts sitting in, the State of Pennsylvania.