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 Ibeji Art provides expertizing, books, Encyclopedia and Catalogue of the Ibeji by Fausto Polo, ask the expert and much more.

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In the cost of the expertise is included, for shipping to U.S. and Canada only, the cost of shipping back the Ibeji and the expertise.

For the shipping to all the destinations in Europe, the cost of shipping the Ibeji and the expertise back has to be paid by the owner of the Ibeji directly to the Mail Boxes of San Mauro.

The payment of the expertise can be done securely by credit card utilizing the payment button in this page of the site or by wire transfer, using the bank information indicated also in this page.

If you would like to use another method of payment, write it in the expertise request form and we will let you know if it is acceptable by us.

We will not ask for any payment for the statuette submitted to the expert if Fausto Polo will not sign the expertise, because he has doubts on the authenticity, on the genuiness of the patina or on the actual tribal use.

In these cases the owner will have to pay only the cost to ship the Ibeji back.

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