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-  Would like to sell an Ibeji and don’t know what to ask?

-  Would like to buy an Ibeji, but don’t know if the price asked is fair?

- Would like to buy an Ibeji at a public auction, but don’t know what your maximum bid should be?

-  Would like to know the value of an Ibeji included in your collection?

Ibeji Art offers a unique on-line appraisal service of Ibeji giving you an answer in all the above cases.

The appraisal is done by Fausto Polo, known expert of Yoruba art, author of the “Catalogue of the Ibeji” and recently of the “Encyclopedia of the Ibeji”. He utilizes the method of evaluation he has developed and described in details in the “Encyclopedia of the Ibeji”.

It is enough to send to us, by e-mail, four photos – front, left side, right side, and back – of the Ibeji (single or pair), well illuminated on a light background. Write the height of the Ibeji as well. If you can not send the four photos of the Ibeji, in the positions described above, send the photos you have.

The appraisal of the Ibeji takes into consideration the quality of the sculpture and of the patina, the degree of rarity, the workshop of the carver, and other small details; therefore the more complete are the photos provided the more correct the appraisal will be.

Send one e-mail for each Ibeji (or pair of Ibeji) you want to have appraised.

Fausto Polo will send you, not later than three days from your request, an e-mail with the estimated value of the Ibeji, in US dollars,  and the place of origin.

The estimated value of the Ibeji is based upon the assumption you are sure about the tribal genuiness  of the Ibeji photographed. The expert can not verify the genuiness from the photos only and therefore does not provide any positive or negative information about it.

In summary, the tribal genuiness can only be verified by a direct examination, and never using photographs, and it is certified by Fausto Polo only with his expertises.  

The cost of the service “WHAT IS THIS IBEJI WORTH” is 70 US dollars, for each Ibeji single or pair.

The payment has to be done at the time of the request or, at the latest, during the following 24 hours.