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The pair of the Ibeji in the photo is from the Oyo tribe and from the town of Ilorin.

The most important identifying element is the hairstyle, composed by four strands of hairs, which joined at the top of the head.

It is also possible to notice that the face of both Ibeji was often caressed and washed by the mother. These attentions created a worn face with only slight visible somatic traits and with the disappearance of the initial color of the facial patina.

It is a nice pair of Ibeji and it is classified as SCARCE in the Encyclopedia of the Ibeji, where a similar type is included on the plate n. 473.

                               Fausto Polo





Kevin from the USA would like to know the origin and the degree of rarity of this pair of Ibeji. The height is 27 cm.

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