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 Ibeji Art provides expertizing, books, Encyclopedia and Catalogue of the Ibeji by Fausto Polo, ask the expert and much more.

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Ibeji Art offers the most secure and convenient way to buy and sell Ibeji using this web-site.

- Each lot sold comes with Fausto Polo Expertise, which guarantees the absolute    authenticity of the Ibeji.

- Each lot is sold to the first buyer at fixed price, equal to 80% of the value appraised    by Polo.

- The sales commissions are very low and equal to 10% of the price of the lot, either    for the buyer and the seller.

- The buyer may return any lot, if not satisfied, no later than seven days from the    receiving.

- The methods of payment are bank transfer, check, credit card, and Paypal.

- The currency accepted for the payment are US dollar and euro.

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