About Ibeji Art  

Ibeji Art is the only Tribal Art Gallery specialized exclusively on Ibeji

Ibeji Art was founded in 2008 by Michele Maranzana and is located in the Lehigh Valley, about 1.5  hours drive from New York City and Philadelphia.

We offers an unrivaled expertise in this unique and amazing sector of the African Art and offer a wide range of services:

-  Purchase and sale of  Ibeji  and Ibeji collections

-  Reference material, such as books, on the Ibeji 

-  Authentication and appraisal of the Ibeji

-  Answers to all questions related to the Ibeji

-  Personal consulting on all aspects of starting an Ibeji collection

Throughout the years I worked in close collaboration with Fausto Polo, my personal friend and well known Yoruba Art expert, and continue to work today with his son Mauro Polo, who shares the same passion that Fausto had for the Ibeji

Together with Fausto and Mauro we also created IBEJI ARCHIVE, a unique photos database containing all the Ibeji expertised by Fausto and Mauro Polo, an invaluable tool provided to collectors to identify the provenance and the carvers of the Ibeji.