The idea of creating Ibeji Archive was born several years ago during a conversation centered on the genuinity of the Ibeji between Fausto Polo and Michele Maranzana . 
The idea was to create a web-site where many Ibeji, all guarranted genuine and tribally used, would be listed and categorized.
Today Ibeji Archive contains a database of  over 600 Ibeji singles or pairs, all of them certified by Fausto Polo.
New Ibeji listed are now expertised by Mauro Polo, son of Fausto Polo.
Ibeji Archive is a unique web-site and is recognized by collectors and gallerist as the only place where is possible to see a very large collection of categorized Ibeji.

All the Ibeji sold by Ibeji Art are automatically inserted in the Ibeji Archive.

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