An expertise guarantees the authenticity and increases the value of the Ibeji,  helping significantly at the time of selling. An expertise facilitates the claim with the insurance company, in the unfortunate case you are the victim of a theft.

The expertizes from Ibeji Art are provided by Mauro Polo, who worked with his father Fausto Polo, recognized Ibeji expert, for more than ten years  in Yoruba art studies and research.

The Ibeji expertised by Mr. Polo will be also inserted in the web-site Ibeji Archive, containing the photos of all the Ibeji expertized by Fausto and Mauro Polo since 2001.

Ibeji Art provides two different types of expertise

                             Gold Expertise                                                                                                      Silver Expertise

expertise gold.jpg
If you are interested in only know the value of the Ibeji, without the guarrantee of the authenticity, you can use our service
What is this Ibeji Worth
In this case you will not need to send the Ibeji statuette, but only clear photos
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