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Click on the photo to go to the Gallery and see our new offers and all our Ibeji currently for sale. Each lot comes with the Silver Expertise of Fausto Polo or Mauro Polo, recognized Yoruba Art experts.

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If you like to sell your Ibeji write an email to info@ibejiart.com. We always offer a fair price and fast payment.

Sale of reference material on the Ibeji, such as books and auctions catalogs

Ibeji Art is the publisher and distributor of the Encyclopedia of the Ibeji, which is the most complete reference book ever written on this subject. 

The Encyclopedia contains 510 full page of categorized Ibeji in color and much more.

See the details in our Book section or click the photo

Encyclopedia of the Ibeji

Authentication and appraisal of the Ibeji. Ibeji Art provide two different type of expertise, Silver and Gold, which guarrantee the authenticity of the Ibeji.

If instead you are interested only in knowing the value of the Ibeji we offer a simple and fast on-line service "What is this Ibeji worth".

Silver Expertise
Gold Expertise

We answer to all questions you may have on the Ibeji, free of charge. Utilize our service Ask the Expert. We also  provide personal consulting on starting or improving an Ibeji collection.

Ibeji Archive is a unique database where are listed all the Ibeji, categorized by place of provenance, expertized by Fausto and Mauro Polo since 2001. Contains about 600 high quality photo of single and pairs of Ibeji.

An invaluable tool utilized by all collectors of Ibeji and available on the web free of charge

Ibeji Archive

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