Sell Us High Quality Ibeji

Selling High Quality Ibeji to Ibeji Art

We are always interested in buying high quality Ibeji, whether a single ibeji, multiple ibeji, or a large collection.

The selling process is very simple. First, please complete the form on the contact page or send us an email to, with some photos of the Ibeji you would like to sell, together with their height and your asking price. We will tell you if we are interested. We may ask you to send other photos if what you sent is not sufficient to evaluate the Ibeji.

If we come to a preliminary agreement and the Ibeji are in US, we will request that you ship them to us in Pennsylvania and, after our inspection, we will immediately send you a check with the full payment.

In the case of particularly valuable material, we may arrange to come to the location where the ibeji are located, inspect the material and conclude the full transaction the very same same day.

If the Ibeji are in Europe the process is the same, but the Ibeji will have to be shipped instead to our partner Lorenzo Polo in Italy.

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