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Oyindamola Oyewumi


Oyin is a 25-year-old self-taught realistic ballpoint pen artist, born in the Oyo State in Nigeria. Currently she works from her new studio in Ibadan.
Oyin has been drawing for several years specializing in drawing of women, to express the true beauty and nature of a woman.
In 2021, Oyin drew a portrait of Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum, which caught his attention, and that was sold in his Tweeter account for 6,300 USD.
Since then, in addition to drawings and paintings, she started to create more artworks as NFTs.

Recently Oyin started to becoming interested in Yoruba art, and partnered with Ibeji Art to draw and offer unique Ibeji images made with a ballpoint pen. This artwork can also be minted as NFT for you, at your request.

You can see below some examples of her Ibeji artworks.

If you like to have a ballpoint drawing of one or more of your favorite Ibeji, send us a few photos and will send you a quotation to create a unique artwork.

Standard size of these drawings is 16 * 12 inches (40 * 30 cm), but you can also request larger sizes.

The artwork will be safely shipped rolled in a tube, and can also be professionally framed by us selecting from distinctive frames styles and colors.

The prices, including insured shipping and CoA, start at 550 USD

Contact us at to get a custom quote

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