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By Fausto Polo and Jean David

  • Volumes I & II
  • Hardcover binder, color illustrated books.
  • 260/295 pages - 150/200 color plates 
  • 70/95 typologies of Ibeji
  • Available in English, French, or German 


  • The Catalogue of the Ibeji was written by Fausto Polo with the Swiss gallerist Jean David in two volumes, the first one in 2001 and the second in 2005.

    It provides the tools to classifify the Ibeji based upon their carving characteristics, such as hairstyle, face, nose, hands, base and many others.

    Together with the Encyclopedia provide all the necessary info to be able to classify accurately the Ibeji. Plenty of beautiful colered photos.

    It has becomed a classic and is now hard to find. We still have some copies for sale, all brand new.

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