By Dos and Bertie Winkel

New Conditions

Published in 2014

161 Pages

Color photos

Text in English .

Hardcover binding

25.6 * 25.6 * 2.2 cm


  • Among the Yoruba of southwest Nigeria, the rate of twin births is over four times the worldwide average. This fact, along with the high infant mortality rate, gave rise to the creation of a unique twin cult. For each deceased twin, a small wooden figurine, or ere ibeji, was carved in which its spirit could live on. This statuette was lovingly cared for and in return brought the family health and prosperity. Through the lens of Jean-Pierre Depienne and the pen of Bruno Claessens, the 32 ere ibeji from the private collection of Dos and Bertie Winkel are presented in this english-language book for the first time. After an introductory text on the subject, the extensive variety of styles of this very particular type of African art is described in depth.